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Omega 3 /COQ10 transdermal Patch.3 month supply!


Omega 3 + Coenzyme Q10 Combo PatchesTwo Essential Supplements For Good Health In a Single Time-Release Transdermal Patch get 3 months supply

Health Flex's Omega 3+CoQ10 patches deliver 25mg of a potent, concentrated blend of Omega 3's and 25mg of Ubiquinol CoQ10 (active form CoQ10). Like virtually all supplements, both Omega 3's and Coenzyme 10 taken orally as pills or capsules are degraded by the acidic environment in the stomach which is part of the digestive process resulting in less than 5% nutritional absorption. However using our transdermal patches, you can get up to 95% nutrient absorption delivery using slow-release directly into the bloodstream for immediate use by the body. Its the smartest way to take your Omega 3 and Coenzyme 10 supplements. Suprior source cold water Krill delivers the best DHA and EPA that are essential to Optimal Health .

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)CoQ10 energizes cells and helps to prevent oxidative damage from free radicals in low-density lipoprotein (LDL). In essence, CoQ10 is important for proper function of the cells in our bodies and also acts as a scavenger for damaging free radicals. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, these protective and supportive activities of CoQ10 are especially beneficial for heart function and the prevention of some illnesses. We use 100% Ubiquinol CoQ10 which is active form CoQ10.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for human nutrition. Our bodies cannot produce these fatty acids, so we must consume them through our diet. Integral to the proper functioning of cell membranes, omega-3 fatty acids help to regulate hormone and cell receptor functions. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, these protective and supportive properties of Omega 3 benefit the cardiovascular and nervous systems.Beneficial for: 

• Anti-Aging ( promotes the production of Telomerase )

• Heart Health

• High Blood Pressure

• High Cholesterol

• Diabetes Management

• Periodontal Disease

• Improved Mental Alertness

• Improved Stamina & Endurance

• Improved Immune Function

• Prevention of LDL

• Cholesterol Oxidation


Why HealthFlex's Omega 3 + CoQ10 Patches Are Better Than Pills 

With our slow release transdermal patch, it means the Omega 3 and CoQ10 nutrients go directly into your bloodstream through the skin for immediate use and maximum absorption by the body, by-passing the digestive system. Studies have shown you can absorb up to 10x more nutrients using transdermal patches than you can with pills or capsules! So patches are the smartest way to give your body the Omega 3 and CoQ10 dietary supplements needed for good health! With the HealthFlex's Omega 3 + CoQ10 Combo Patches, you simply put on a small patch for 24 hours once every 3 days and you're done. 

Additionally, we do not use Ubiquinone CoQ10 which is the oxidized form of CoQ10 (this is the more commonly available form CoQ10 found in most CoQ10 supplement pills, and is almost certainly the oxidized form). Rather we use SUPERIOR ACTIVE FORM UBIQUINOL form CoQ10, which is more expensive to produce and of premium quality. This form of CoQ10 is the antioxidant form which neutralizes the free radicals and can decrease cellular damage in the body. The inferior form Ubiquinone CoQ10 DOES NOT offer this antioxidant effect. And since the body converts ubiquinone CoQ10 into the active form ubiquinol CoQ10 which the body can then use, there is an extra process involved, and so not all of the ubiquinone you take in will get converted into active form ubiquinol CoQ10. In healthy adults, its known that over 88% of the CoQ10 in the bloodsteam at any given time is ubiquinol form CoQ10, but as we age, the overall levels of coenzyme Q10 and the body's ability to convert it into active form ubiquinol form CoQ10 decline, therefore supplementation becomes important to good health and longevity. 

Suggested Use: As an external dietary supplement. Peel one patch from backing, and place patch upon clean, dry and hair free skin (back, arm, or thigh) for 24 hours once every 3 days, or as directed by a health care professional, then remove and discard. Do not re-use patches. The patch can be used for as long as needed to help you successfully achieve your health goals, and continue to use the Omega 3 + CoQ10 Combo Patch as instructed as part of your normal health maintenance program.

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